Apostle Jeanette Vaughn

Apostle Jeanette (Jai) Vaughn is a native of Buffalo, NY, and the wife and friend of Bishop Mark D. Vaughn for 34 years. They have pastored for over 22 years in the Southern Tier of New York. She is the proud mother of 5 children (a son & daughter in love) and two grandchildren.

Apostle Jeanette is pursuing her Ph.D. in Global Leadership at Pepperdine University. She is the founder and CEO of Women Reaching Women Global, Inc., a nonprofit organization. She has been a public school leader in several school districts in the state of New York.

Apostle Jeanette accepted the Lord in her youth and committed to a life of prayer. Prayer is an integral part of her life today. Through anointed intercession, declaration, exhortation, teaching, and prophesy she propels God’s people and the unsaved into their rightful place in the Kingdom of God. She has been called and used to minister to women of all ages from multiple backgrounds and facilitating other women to reach other women for the kingdom of God. She consistently shares about being in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and her commitment to obey the Lord.